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Batch Convert 4-Space Indentations to 2-Space

While adding a linter to an old project, I wrote the following bash script to convert 4-space indentations to 2-space indentations. This example recursively looks for *.js files starting at the script’s location. Of course, it can be used for any type of file though by simply changing the extension.

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Working with Linux in Windows: Linux Server in VirtualBox

I have written before about having to work in Windows 7 with Docker which only runs natively on Linux, macOS or Windows 10.

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I’ve recently been experimenting with various flavors of Linux partially out of curiosity, partially to improve my ability to use the OS, and partially because I am forced to use Windows at work and would rather use Linux in a virtual machine. The further I delve into the world of Linux, the more I realize … more »

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Update Multiple WordPress Installations

Between several of my own websites as well as the websites I’ve done for other people and am hosting, the number of WordPress installations on my server has climbed exponentially. There are people that will say that’s a terrible thing and there are others that will argue it’s perfectly fine. Either way, it’s a fact … more »

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Installing Ubuntu 12.10 on a MacBook

This past weekend I undertook the effort to install Ubuntu 12.10 on my MacBook as a second operating system. It was quite an interesting process and I have to admit, it went much more smoothly than I expected. My MacBook is an old unibody Macbook5,1 (not a MacBook Pro) from late 2008 – the first … more »

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