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Resize an NSImage Proportionately in Swift

For the past couple of days, I’ve been working on a small project for OS X written in Swift where it was necessary to import an image and scale it down proportionately based on a given width and height.

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ScratchPad 1.4.1 Released

Today I’m happy to announce the first new release of ScratchPad in four years.

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The State of ScratchPad

Since it’s been a few months since I wrote my last progress update on ScratchPad 2.0, I thought I would write a bit about where the development of the new version currently stands. Although ScratchPad isn’t a particularly complex program, rewriting the whole thing from the ground up is still a time-consuming process. Unfortunately, it … more »

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Debug in Xcode 6.3 as Root

For one of my latest projects on the Mac, it is necessary that I have access to all incoming and outgoing TCP connections. Essentially I need to sniff the packets and parse their headers in order to process them as I am trying to build a firewall of sorts. In order to do this, however, … more »

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As a developer, I tend to create a lot of my own tools when I notice that I could work more efficiently if I had a specific tool that doesn’t quite exist. That is how my new very tiny Mac app, WebTools, was brought to life. Since I am primarily a web developer, I frequently … more »

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