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Introducing Creeping Darkness

I would like to introduce my new band, Creeping Darkness.

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New Xynx Song

I’ve finished a new Xynx song. You can find it on It’s called Big Brother. The new Xynx album should hopefully be done soon. We should also be getting a website for Xynx going soon. I hope anyway. Check back here for when the album is released!

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Getting on as Usual

Well, there really isn’t a whole lot going on at the moment. I’ve been hard at work on both Xynx’s debut album album as well as the my next album. I’ve also been helping write some material and producing some songs for a band called Tea & Bricks which I will talk about in a … more »

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I would like to introduce Xynx, my latest project. While my own music here will be for whatever I think sounds good and thus should continue in the familiar style, Xynx will be for dance/techno music. I decided to split the music up into 2 different projects to help pace the rate at which I … more »

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