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Automatically Compile SASS Using Node.js and Express

For about two years I have been using Grunt to compile my SASS files into CSS for projects for work as well as for personal projects such as this website. This workflow has served me well and I still use it for most of my PHP-based projects. However, I’ve come up with an even easier and faster solution for my Node.js-based applications.

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New Band and Website: Future Sequence

A couple of months ago, I joined a band called Future Sequence on the bass.

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Debugging Node.js in a Docker Container with WebStorm

Node.js + Docker + WebStorm is not an unusual setup for Node.js developers, but there is nonetheless surprisingly little information available about how to setup debugging in WebStorm while running a Node.js application locally in a Docker image.

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Node.js: Fixing a memory leak in Express MemoryStore

When using a combination of Express and krakenjs in your Node.js application, there is a feature enabled by default which automatically leads to a nasty memory leak.

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New Website Design

I’m happy to announce that my portfolio and blog have received a fresh makeover. The design is much cleaner and leaner than the last one and should load my more quickly. It is optimized for mobile devices and desktops alike and is simplified so that information is easier to find. My design philosophy when approaching … more »

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Very Good Weblösungen Goes Online

I am very pleased to announce that my new freelancing website, Very Good Weblösungen, is now online. “Weblösungen” ist the German word for “web solutions”. This website will serve as the basis for my freelance work as well as an online portfolio showcasing the various projects I have done. I offer a variety of services … more »

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As a developer, I tend to create a lot of my own tools when I notice that I could work more efficiently if I had a specific tool that doesn’t quite exist. That is how my new very tiny Mac app, WebTools, was brought to life. Since I am primarily a web developer, I frequently … more »

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Another New Design

After many months of work, I am happy to announce today that I have finally released the new design for my portfolio. It is the first redesign in nearly three years with a modern, clean and crisp interface using many of the hallmarks of web design in 2015. Not only is the design new, but … more »

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Typewritter: An open-source backend for blogs

About a week and a half ago I embarked on my latest project: a blog backend. I have kept a blog on and off for almost a decade now and I use WordPress not only to power this blog, but also to power History Rhymes, the news section of my music website and the ScratchPad … more »

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This week marks the first update to in almost three years. With the last design, I experimented really for the first time with JavaScript animation. With the new design, I’ve taken what I’ve learned in the intervening years about JavaScript and put it to good use. One of the main features of the site … more »

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