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Alex’s Notebook is not the only blog I write for. I am an active writer of the following blogs as well:

The Beskirted Man

  • My goal is to take a walk every day in a skirt to build up my confidence. This is how I'm coming along with that goal. The post Going For a Walk Every Day in a Skirt: How It’s Going appeared first on The Beskirted Man.
  • This is a great article on Wikipedia about men's skirts. It includes some history about the different types of skirts men have worn throughout the centuries as well as about the disappearance of skirts in men's fashion and their revival since the 1960s. The post Men’s Skirts on Wikipedia appeared first on The Beskirted Man.
  • This is one of my favorites that I often wear when the weather is cool. It features three colors that fit my body type well: tan, blue and black. The post Tan, Blue and Black – A Masculine Combination appeared first on The Beskirted Man.
  • "Outfits" is a new, ongoing series of posts I am going to write that is all about my favorite gender-non-conforming outfits. The post Announcing “Outfits” appeared first on The Beskirted Man.
  • I haven't been very active recently because I've been writing new, research-intensive posts and working on new features for the website. The post A Few Updates appeared first on The Beskirted Man.
  • This unfortunately titled video is actually very interesting. It talks about how the definition of masculinity is changing to include more "feminine" traits such as the ability to show emotions, talk about feelings, cry, etc. The post Why modern men are becoming feminine appeared first on The Beskirted Man.

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Feed The Dev

  • SPAs and MPAs are popular ways of creating web apps, but both have their pros and cons. In this article, we explore their benefits and detriments.
  • In this installment of Linker, we link to topics about GUIs, OS/2, Swift on Windows, email that will never die, and floppy disks. There is a heavy emphasis on retro computing this time.
  • I previously discussed how to emulate Mac OS 8 and 9 on modern computers. Recently, I was shown Infinite Mac, a website that allows emulation of these and earlier Mac OS versions directly in your browser. From System 1.0 to Mac OS 9.2.2, most major releases are available. This suite offers a convenient and innovative […]
  • This is just a brief announcement to say that Feed the Dev has Mastodon.
  • Developer's Notebook has been rebranded to Feed The Dev. There are many reasons for the rebranding and we are excited to share them with you.
  • This installment of "Linker" features links about estimating software projects, rebuilding Darwin from source, repatriating from the cloud and more!

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History Rhymes

  • Secret societies, like the notorious Illuminati, have long fascinated people worldwide, their influence extending from history into today's popular culture. The post Illuminati in the 18th Century appeared first on History Rhymes.
  • Today I am excited to announce that after a number of years of lying dormant, History Rhymes is finally getting a new lease on life.  The post History Rhymes Gets a New Design and More appeared first on History Rhymes.
  • Kaiser Wilhelm II abdicated after the end of the First World War, but that is generally when he exits the stage of popular history. So what happened to him? What did he do in that time? This article aims to explore some of these questions. The post Kaiser Wilhelm II After His Abdication – Part […]
  • It is hard to believe that an entire decade has elapsed since I published my first History Rhymes blog post entitled "Starting Out." A lot has changed in the past ten years and I have big plans for it for the future. The post A Decade of History Rhymes appeared first on History Rhymes.
  • The rule of the Bavarian kings ended with the German Revolution of 1918-1919 in the immediate aftermath of World War I. The royal family became enemies of the Nazis and had to flee Germany, but never gave up the dream of restoring the monarchy. The post Kings of Bavaria: Conclusion – After the Fall of […]
  • History Rhymes has been picked to be featured in an editorial by Tutorful called "History Lovers: Awesome Websites and Resources To Cure Your Boredom". The post History Rhymes Featured on Tutorful appeared first on History Rhymes.

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