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Alex’s Notebook is not the only blog I write for. I am an active writer of the following blogs as well:

Developer’s Notebook

  • Having been employed as a developer in one form or another for the past couple of decades, I can thoroughly relate to what this blogger has written about how little work actually gets done and why. The post It’s Amazing How Little Work Developers Are Allowed to Get Done appeared first on Developer's Notebook.
  • One of WordPress’s greatest strengths is its positively huge plugin ecosystem. There are plugins for just about everything you can think of out there. At the same time, however, it is also its Achilles' heel. The post Reducing the Number of WordPress Plugins appeared first on Developer's Notebook.
  • Today, I am happy to announce that Developer’s Notebook is being relaunched with lots of exciting stuff on the way! The post Relaunch 2023 appeared first on Developer's Notebook.
  • There are valid reasons for choosing WordPress to power your website, but there are also many good reasons for creating a custom-made website. In this article, we will explore some of them. The post WordPress vs a Custom-Made Website appeared first on Developer's Notebook.
  • Despite what a lot of application developers think, changing a user interface too often is bad for users. It confuses users and generally generates distrust in your product. The post Why Changing an Interface Too Often Is Bad for Users appeared first on Developer's Notebook.
  • Developer's Notebook is now on Patreon. The post Developer’s Notebook on Patreon appeared first on Developer's Notebook.

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History Rhymes

  • Kaiser Wilhelm II abdicated after the end of the First World War, but that is generally when he exits the stage of popular history. So what happened to him? What did he do in that time? This article aims to explore some of […]
  • It is hard to believe that an entire decade has elapsed since I published my first History Rhymes blog post entitled "Starting Out." A lot has changed in the past ten years and I have big plans for it for the future. The […]
  • The rule of the Bavarian kings ended with the German Revolution of 1918-1919 in the immediate aftermath of World War I. The royal family became enemies of the Nazis and had to flee Germany, but never gave up the dream of restoring the […]
  • History Rhymes has been picked to be featured in an editorial by Tutorful called "History Lovers: Awesome Websites and Resources To Cure Your Boredom"…. The post History Rhymes Featured on Tutorful appeared first on History Rhymes.
  • A long, tragic series of events brought King Ludwig III to the Bavarian throne. He was the monarch who was never destined to become king. He did not inherit it, but instead took it from his mentally ill cousin. Ludwig also saw the […]
  • King Otto I was the king who never reigned. His story was a tragic one that to this day remains unique in the history of Bavaria. He became king upon his older brother's death, but as he had already been declared insane and […]

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