Apple’s Malicious Compliance in the EU

Apple’s Malicious Compliance in the EU

It’s not news that the EU has passed a law that requires Apple to open up iOS to third-party app stores, but their compliance is questionable at best.

21 February 2024
The Boring Stack

The Boring Stack

The Boring Stack encourages using familiar technologies for efficient project development, emphasizing efficiency and reliability over exploring new tech and frameworks.

5 February 2024

New Design for History Rhymes

I just released the first new design for my history blog, History Rhymes, in about ten years. It is modern and easier to read.

14 January 2024

My Favorite Books from 2023

Last year, I compiled a list of my favorite books from 2022. Since I enjoyed it so much, I decided to put together a list of my favorite books from 2023 too.

18 December 2023

Subscription Fatigue and Software

The growing trend of software companies shifting from one-time purchase models to subscription services is rather disturbing. Wwhile this provides a consistent revenue stream for companies, it burdens consumers with repeated costs and may result in subscription fatigue.

20 November 2023

Using Swift to Create GUI Applications on Windows

I came across an article today that discussed efforts being made to create an open-source technology to make UI development in Swift on Windows possible.

9 November 2023

Alex on

I finally did the deed and signed up for an account on

1 November 2023

Why I’ve Switched from React to Angular for My Projects

For years, my go-to frontend framework was React, but now I prefer using Angular for my projects. This is why.

22 October 2023

Journaling: Paper or Computer?

I have been an avid journaler for over ten years and I have kept my journals both on paper and on the computer. But what do I prefer?

7 October 2023

The Problem of Having Too Many Technologies to Choose From

There are constantly new technologies coming out on the market. While this might seem like a great thing, there are some darker sides to it that no one seems to talk about.

1 October 2023

New Design for Alex’s Notebook

Alex’s Notebook received a new design today which is based on the WordPress theme for Developer’s Notebook.

23 September 2023

Rerouting All PHP Requests to index.php

A common need for a lot of PHP applications is the ability to have the entire application run through an index.php file, but with clean URLs. This is how you can configure Apache to do so

12 September 2023