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Sex on My Face

Not only a good cocktail, but possibly the name of my next song. I have to admit that, although I’ve done it almost a couple hundred times already, it’s hard to come up with names for songs without lyrics. Some songs are easier than others, but for the most part, it’s hard. I will probably … more »

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Support the Music!

I need your help! I’m embarking on a promotional campaign to try to spread my music to more eager listeners, but I can’t do it alone. If you like my music and would like to help me out, I would be extremely grateful. I have come up with some suggestions that will take hardly any … more »

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I’ll be honest. I hate listening to rap. Why do I bring this up? Because there are going to be some tracks with rap on them on my next album. I’ll post them as they become available. You’re probably wondering why I would have tracks with rap on them if I hate rap. Well, here’s … more »

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Kid’s Room and so on

Well, I’ve released my newest album, Kid’s Room. The official release date is August 21, 2007, but it’s now just starting to hit the stores. From the feedback I’ve gotten from several people I know who have already listened to it, I can firmly say that I have very strong expectations for this album and … more »

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Finally, A Blog

I’ve finally gotten around to making a blog for my music. I hope you enjoy it and come back for updates as they become available!

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