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HTTPS All Over

As I recently mentioned when introducing the new design for my portfolio, it and several other websites of mine now use a secure connection by default. Not only does my portfolio take advantage of the increase in security by using HTTPS, but also History Rhymes as well as this blog. For some people it may … more »

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Steam turned upside down

I just encountered a strange error when using Steam. The program froze and then the word “Steam” in the Mac OS X menu bar turned upside down:

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Moving from Blogger

I’ve just moved my blog from Google’s Blogger service to my own self-hosted WordPress blog. Previously, the blog was called The Browser Notebook, but I’ve moved it because, by hosting it myself, I have far more control over the blog and its design. Blogger is a good service, but it just can’t beat a good … more »

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Not much has been heard from me in the past few months because I have been tremendously busy with other things and have had to essentially take an unwanted hiatus. In what little free time I’ve had though, I have begun progress with the next album. Four songs are already completed or mostly completed and … more »

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Computer Problems

The hard drive in my four year old MacBook has finally died after a struggle for life that lasted a couple of weeks. Since then I have been forced into using a borrowed PC with Windows 7 on it and ever since, I have been pulling the hair out of my head. I managed to … more »

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Getting Started

I’ve been a web developer now for over a decade. I began when Windows 98 was brand new and when Microsoft had just released FrontPage 98 which I used to learn the article of webpage design. Until now, however, I’ve never actually written about it. That is what this blog will be about. Generally, I … more »

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The official blog of Alex Seifert

I have decided that as part of my on going efforts of connecting with fans of my music, that I would open a blog. You can find the blog at My plan is to keep it up to date with all of the latest happenings in my musical life, my thoughts about my music … more »

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The Next Album

Work on the next album, is well underway. I have a name for it already, but the artwork is seeming to take a while because I am currently fresh out of ideas. The new album will be called The Living Room. I was thinking about making some sort of cover that would be like looking … more »

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Another New Song

Good news! I’ve finished yet another new song. The bad news, however, is the PureVolume still isn’t working so I can’t upload it. I really hope they fix the problem soon. Or at the very least I would appreciate if they replied to my support ticket that I filed with them.

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