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New Album and Website: Spectre

I am happy to announce that my newest band, Spectre, has released its first album named “Polarity.” It is the result of about two years of songwriting as well as several months of recording and production. The official release post has more details about it. The album is available on iTunes as well as Spotify … more »

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Batch Convert 4-Space Indentations to 2-Space

While adding a linter to an old project, I wrote the following bash script to convert 4-space indentations to 2-space indentations. This example recursively looks for *.js files starting at the script’s location. Of course, it can be used for any type of file though by simply changing the extension.

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Automatically Compile SASS Using Node.js and Express

For about two years I have been using Grunt to compile my SASS files into CSS for projects for work as well as for personal projects such as this website. This workflow has served me well and I still use it for most of my PHP-based projects. However, I’ve come up with an even easier and faster solution for my Node.js-based applications.

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New Band and Website: Future Sequence

A couple of months ago, I joined a band called Future Sequence on the bass. The band is a Munich, Germany-based metal band whose first album, “Firstborn: Metempsychosis”, is already available on iTunes, Spotify and a number of other stores. Today I released our new website which I created using WordPress with a custom theme.

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Using Redis Sentinel with Docker and Marathon

Note: This article expands upon the principles as explained in my other post about Redis Sentinel and Docker Compose. If you haven’t read it yet, you should do so before continuing with this article. Using Redis Sentinel with Docker and Marathon is a relatively complex procedure that requires every instance of Redis to be able … more »

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Using Redis Sentinel with Docker Compose

Redis is an easy-to-use solution for anyone looking for a robust key-value store. It is feature-rich, but relatively simple to use and even has official Docker images. This post will not go into anymore detail as to what exactly Redis is as it assumes the reader already knows. If not, you can read about it … more »

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Working with Linux in Windows: Linux Server in VirtualBox

I have written before about having to work in Windows 7 with Docker which only runs natively on Linux, macOS or Windows 10. The solution I have used until now has always been to run Xubuntu in VirtualBox and work directly with Docker inside the virtual machine. This has several advantages, but also many detriments … more »

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Debugging Node.js in a Docker Container with WebStorm

Node.js + Docker + WebStorm is not an unusual setup for Node.js developers, but there is nonetheless surprisingly little information available about how to setup debugging in WebStorm while running a Node.js application locally in a Docker image. Fortunately it is very simple to setup and the benefit of having real debugging is something that … more »

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Why Ad and Tracking Blockers Are Necessary

Ad and tracking blockers have been around for several years, but ever since Apple introduced the ability to install them on iOS devices with the introduction of iOS 9, they have made the mainstream news. Several websites have even gone so far as to prevent users with ad and/or tracking blockers from accessing their websites, … more »

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Resize an NSImage Proportionately in Swift

For the past couple of days, I’ve been working on a small project for OS X written in Swift where it was necessary to import an image and scale it down proportionately based on a given width and height. Since I couldn’t find much help online, I thought I would contribute my bit and post … more »

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