My New PowerMac G3 Blue and White: Part 2

I bought an old PowerMac G3 Blue and White. In this article, I try to get Mac OS X 10.2 Jaguar installed on the system.

4 May 2024

Developer’s Notebook Becomes Feed The Dev

Developer’s Notebook has been rebranded to Feed The Dev. There are many reasons for the rebranding and I am excited to share them with you.

26 April 2024

My New PowerMac G3 Blue and White: Part 1

I bought an old PowerMac G3 Blue and White. First, I performed some maintenance, then I upgraded some hardware.

17 April 2024

The Beskirted Man

I am excited to share a new project of mine that is very personal for me. I started a blog called The Beskirted Man that is about promoting femininity in masculinity through clothing.

1 March 2024

New Design for History Rhymes

I just released the first new design for my history blog, History Rhymes, in about ten years. It is modern and easier to read.

14 January 2024

New Design for Alex’s Notebook

Alex’s Notebook received a new design today which is based on the WordPress theme for Developer’s Notebook.

23 September 2023

2023 Relaunch of Developer’s Notebook

Today, I am happy to announce that Developer’s Notebook is being relaunched with lots of exciting stuff on the way!

27 May 2023

The Old West

I’m excited to announce a new project called The Old West and, as the name suggests, it is about the old west in the United States.

19 April 2021

BookJournal 1.1.0 Released

I am happy to announce version 1.1.0 of BookJournal has been released! The program is free and available for Windows, macOS and Linux.

31 January 2021

Developer’s Notebook on Patreon

Developer’s Notebook is now on Patreon.

29 August 2020

Announcing the Developer’s Notebook Podcast

The Developer’s Notebook Podcast has released its first episode, officially marking its launch.

15 August 2020

Developer’s Notebook

I am very happy to announce a brand new project of mine called Developer’s Notebook, a blog and news website with content for developers.

2 July 2020
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