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Introducing BookJournal

I am excited to announce the first public release of a program I have been working on for the past year or so. It is called BookJournal and is exactly what the name says it is: a digital book journal.

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ScratchPad 1.4.1 Released

Today I’m happy to announce the first new release of ScratchPad in four years.

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The State of ScratchPad

Since it’s been a few months since I wrote my last progress update on ScratchPad 2.0, I thought I would write a bit about where the development of the new version currently stands. Although ScratchPad isn’t a particularly complex program, rewriting the whole thing from the ground up is still a time-consuming process. Unfortunately, it … more »

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Typewritter: An open-source backend for blogs

About a week and a half ago I embarked on my latest project: a blog backend. I have kept a blog on and off for almost a decade now and I use WordPress not only to power this blog, but also to power History Rhymes, the news section of my music website and the ScratchPad … more »

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Private Cloud

The rise of cloud computing in the past few years has raised the issue of privacy more than ever before. Companies which offer cloud computing services, such as Google, Microsoft, Apple, DropBox, Yahoo, etc, all collect large amounts of data which their users eagerly and willing share with them. Most of this data is highly … more »

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