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Resize an NSImage Proportionately in Swift

For the past couple of days, I’ve been working on a small project for OS X written in Swift where it was necessary to import an image and scale it down proportionately based on a given width and height.

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Show Recent Applications in the OS X Dock

There is a little-known trick I have used for years in OS X which lets you display your most recently opened applications in a Stack in the Dock next to the Trash. This is an integral part of my workflow in OS X because it is far more convenient than having to go up to … more »

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Debug in Xcode 6.3 as Root

For one of my latest projects on the Mac, it is necessary that I have access to all incoming and outgoing TCP connections. Essentially I need to sniff the packets and parse their headers in order to process them as I am trying to build a firewall of sorts. In order to do this, however, … more »

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Old iMac G3 and Mac OS 9

I just recently purchased a new iMac G3. Of course Apple hasn’t sold iMac G3s in nearly fifteen years and this one was purchased new in 2000. But that doesn’t mean it’s not new to me. The first question that I’ve been asked is why I would spend money on a computer that is fifteen … more »

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Installing Ubuntu 12.10 on a MacBook

This past weekend I undertook the effort to install Ubuntu 12.10 on my MacBook as a second operating system. It was quite an interesting process and I have to admit, it went much more smoothly than I expected. My MacBook is an old unibody Macbook5,1 (not a MacBook Pro) from late 2008 – the first … more »

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Why I use a Mac

When I tell most people that I use a Mac as a developer they have an odd reaction. They look at Macs as being more like a toy computer rather than a machine which can get any actual work done. That is especially true when it comes to development of any sort. This is, however, … more »

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