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Private Cloud

The rise of cloud computing in the past few years has raised the issue of privacy more than ever before. Companies which offer cloud computing services, such as Google, Microsoft, Apple, DropBox, Yahoo, etc, all collect large amounts of data which their users eagerly and willing share with them. Most of this data is highly … more »

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Giving Chrome a Real Go

Despite my already mentioned disdain towards Chrome, I decided to give it a real go and use it for my day-to-day activities which include web development. To really put it to the test with my usual work flow, I setup two different Google Accounts in order to be able to sync my work bookmarks, settings … more »

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Moving from Blogger

I’ve just moved my blog from Google’s Blogger service to my own self-hosted WordPress blog. Previously, the blog was called The Browser Notebook, but I’ve moved it because, by hosting it myself, I have far more control over the blog and its design. Blogger is a good service, but it just can’t beat a good … more »

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