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ScratchPad 1.4.1 Released

Today I’m happy to announce the first new release of ScratchPad in four years.

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The State of ScratchPad

Since it’s been a few months since I wrote my last progress update on ScratchPad 2.0, I thought I would write a bit about where the development of the new version currently stands. Although ScratchPad isn’t a particularly complex program, rewriting the whole thing from the ground up is still a time-consuming process. Unfortunately, it … more »

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Progress on ScratchPad 2.0

I have not reported the status of ScratchPad 2.0 in quite some time. For that I apologize, but work on it is coming along and is slowly reaching a point where testing is possible. The new version has many new improvements, is more stable and uses more up-to-date technologies from Apple. It is also 100% … more »

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Work on ScratchPad 2.0 started

This past week work on ScratchPad 2.0 has finally begun. I am writing the entire program from the ground up to take advantage of the latest technologies available in OS X and to clean out old, deprecated code that was still relevant when ScratchPad was first started with Mac OS X 10.4. Version 2.0 will … more »

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ScratchPad on Google Code

I am pleased to announce that the source for ScratchPad is now available on Google Code. While the source has always been available via a downloadable zip file from this website, I’ve decided to move it to Google Code in order to make it more accessible and easier for multiple people to contribute to the … more »

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ScratchPad and OS X Mountain Lion

One of the security measures within Apple’s new version of OS X, Mountain Lion (10.8), is called Gatekeeper. This is essentially a means of blocking the running of all applications for OS X which are either not downloaded from the Mac App Store or are not signed by a certificate given to the developer by … more »


Small Update

I’m currently working on a small update for ScratchPad which will probably be version 1.4.1. This version will not a whole lot of new things included, but it will be necessary in anticipation of Apple’s release of Mountain Lion (OS X 10.8) this summer. The new version will be signed with Apple so that it … more »

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ScratchPad 1.4 is here!

After nearly four years without an update, a new version of ScratchPad has finally appeared! It has been updated to look at home in Snow Leopard and Lion and now also includes support for synchronization across multiple computers via Dropbox. The icon has also been recreated since the old one sorely needed some attention. See … more »

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ScratchPad 1.4

Good news! I know it’s been ages since I’ve released an update for ScratchPad and I do apologize for it. I’ve finally gotten some time though now and I’ve just about got a new version ready for release. That would be version 1.4. I plan to have it finished by this weekend as almost all … more »

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An update — finally

I apologize that it has been forever since I have updated ScratchPad or even the news site here. Times flies when you get busy with other things… Anyway, this is meant to be a quick update. I have been working on and off on a new project, which as my last post here explains, is … more »

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