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ScratchPad 1.1 Released

ScratchPad version 1.1 has been released! It’s recommended that everyone updates to take advantage of some of the new features such as: Users can now navigate to a specific page by typing in a page number in a toolbar item or by selecting an option in the Page menu. ScratchPad now remembers the last page … more »

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Donate Button Fixed

The PayPal donate button has now been fixed. You can find it on the side of this page or on the side of the main page.

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ScratchPad 1.1

The first update to ScratchPad, version 1.1, is almost finished and contains a few new features and some updates as well. Here is a list of some of the things to expect from the new version: The ability to type in a page number and go directly to it without having to scroll through the … more »

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Mad Hero

I’ve posted a new song to my PureVolume page. It’s called “Mad Hero”. Enjoy!

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A few days ago I ordered an upgrade to the software I use to create my music. It’s called Reason. I ordered version 4 which came out late last year. It came in today and I’ve been playing with it and all the new toys that it came with. I’m pretty excited about it. We’ll … more »

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ScratchPad is Clean

ScratchPad was tested by SoftPedia and won the “100% Clean” award!

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I finally made and finished a program! It is called ScratchPad and essentially is used to replace those sheets of paper that you have all over your desks with notes reminding you to do things. It can also be used to jot down notes that come to mind that you need to remember or it … more »

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Parlour on iTunes

Parlour has finally made it to iTunes! You can purchase the entire album for $9.99 or you can purchase songs separately for 99 cents a piece. They are available as DRM-free iTunes Plus songs. Click here to see it.

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Getting on as Usual

Well, there really isn’t a whole lot going on at the moment. I’ve been hard at work on both Xynx’s debut album album as well as the my next album. I’ve also been helping write some material and producing some songs for a band called Tea & Bricks which I will talk about in a … more »

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