ScratchPad 1.1.1 Released

Version 1.1.1 of ScratchPad has now been released! This is what is new in the new version:

  • Japanese localization added.
  • German localization added.
  • Go to Page Number window now remembers its last position.
  • Fixed a problem with the bundle identifier — users will be prompted again to check for automatic updates.

You can download either by selecting “Check for Updates” in the application menu or by downloading it here.

  1. Tael_
    27 May 2008 3:12 pm 

    I’ve translated your app in French.
    Here are the files :
    I hope this can help you.

  2. Alex
    30 May 2008 8:08 am 

    Thank you very much! It will be included in the next update!

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