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As a developer, I tend to create a lot of my own tools when I notice that I could work more efficiently if I had a specific tool that doesn’t quite exist. That is how my new very tiny Mac app, WebTools, was brought to life. Since I am primarily a web developer, I frequently … more »

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New Album and Website

I am pleased to announce that my newest album, “The Tower Room”, was released on 7 March 2015. It took a while for it to be distributed to the various online shops and music services, which is why I am just now posting this. As of now, it is available on the iTunes Music Store. … more »

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“The Tower Room” is released with new website and logo

I’m very pleased to announced that I have officially released my new album, “The Tower Room”, as well as a new design for my website and a new logo.

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HTTPS All Over

As I recently mentioned when introducing the new design for my portfolio, it and several other websites of mine now use a secure connection by default. Not only does my portfolio take advantage of the increase in security by using HTTPS, but also History Rhymes as well as this blog. For some people it may … more »

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