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23 September 2023
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Alex’s Notebook received a new design today which is based on the WordPress theme for Developer’s Notebook. When I created the new theme for Developer’s Notebook, I worked hard on modernizing it to optimally work with the latest version of WordPress.

I also just so happen to really like the way the design turned out. Therefore, I decided to copy it for Alex’s Notebook and tweak a few things to make it fit in better with my portfolio website.

The screenshot above is the dark mode which is activated when your device is set to dark mode. Otherwise, there is also a light mode that isn’t pictured.

That’s really all there is to say about it. It’s cleaner, more streamlined, more mobile-friendly and also more colorful. I hope you enjoy it!

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Alex Seifert
Alex is a developer, a drummer and an amateur historian. He enjoys being on the stage in front of a large crowd, but also sitting in a room alone, programming something or writing about history.

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