The Attic is here!

The Attic: Greatest Hits

The Attic: Greatest Hits

I am extremely pleased to announce that, after much work, “The Attic: Greatest Hits” is now officially here!

Production was done by me with the help of a few others and the wonderful artwork was done by Scottish graphic designer, Stuart Leak.

You can find it now for sale in the iTunes Music Store. Please select your country from the list below to automatically be taken to it. If your country is not on the list, please open iTunes, go to the Music Store and search for “Alex Seifert”. The album is on sale in every country that has an iTunes Music Store.

  United States – $9.99

  United Kingdom – £7.99

  Germany – 8,99 €

  France – 8,99 €

  Japan – ¥1,500

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