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Firefox 10

Mozilla officially released Firefox 10 today. I’ve just downloaded it on both Windows and for Mac OS X and am playing around with it a bit. Visually it looks much like Firefox 9 with the exception of the back/forward button. The back button is now ‘attached’ to the address bar and the forward button is … more »

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Getting Started

I’ve been a web developer now for over a decade. I began when Windows 98 was brand new and when Microsoft had just released FrontPage 98 which I used to learn the article of webpage design. Until now, however, I’ve never actually written about it. That is what this blog will be about. Generally, I … more »

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Track listing for ‘Family Mausoleum’

So, we can now make the track listing for the new album, ‘Family Mausoleum’, available! Here it is: A Cloudy Day Freedom Strange, Dead Memories The King’s Ghost Woord War Norma Haunted Night Back and Forth 70s Sci Fi Reversal of Policy Selection Climbing Turn of Events Treking The Chase

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New Album: Family Mausoleum

I am very excited to announce that my next major album will be set for release on 2 February 2012. In keeping with the theme of album names, the album is will duly be called “Family Mausoleum” as it generally has a darker mood to it. This is my first major release in two years! … more »

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Room One now in shop

We are very pleased to announce that, after much work and many problems, Alex’s first album, “Room One”, is now available in the iTunes Store. You can find it your local iTunes Store by searching for “Alex Seifert” or by clicking on one of the links below:   United States   United Kingdom   Germany   France   Japan

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