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Why I use a Mac

When I tell most people that I use a Mac as a developer they have an odd reaction. They look at Macs as being more like a toy computer rather than a machine which can get any actual work done. That is especially true when it comes to development of any sort. This is, however, … more »

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Chrome 17 released

I know that this is old news by now, but I figure I will make a brief statement about it since it is relevant to this blog. Google released Chrome 17 just over two weeks ago which includes some very important fixes. Several security holes were patched and, most importantly for this blog, the YouTube … more »

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Problem with Chrome and YouTube

In a previous post, I ranted about why I dislike Google Chrome. One of the main reasons I gave was that it doesn’t load this blog. Since I wrote that post, I think I have been able to determine what the problem is. In another post of mine I embedded a YouTube video and it … more »

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Firefox Beta with New Developer Tools and Add-on Sync

Mozilla has announced several new features for the new Firefox Beta which will eventually become Firefox 11. The first and, in my opinion, the most interesting one is a new approach to make distinguishing elements on a webpage easier using a 3D rendering of the page. They call it ‘Tilt’. It is based off of … more »

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Separating browsers: home and work

Recently I’ve been experimenting with a different workflow when it comes to dividing my private tasks and my work. To make myself more efficient, I’ve essentially adopted a multi-browser system. I’ve already alluded to this system in a previous post, but now I will fully explain it. I work with a system where I divide … more »

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Firefox 10 Mobile

I’m currently sitting in the waiting room at a train station waiting for my train to arrive. Whilst waiting I have been using the internet on my Android phone. My browser of choice for mobile browsing on Android is Firefox. The reasons for this are pretty straight-forward. I enjoy using Firefox regardless of the platform … more »

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Making DIVs behave like a table

A couple of days ago whilst working I was trying to figure out how to make a series of DIV tags work like a table. After doing a bit of research online, I stumbled upon the solution. Essentially, you need three layers of DIV tags just as you would need at least three layers of … more »

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Why I dislike Google Chrome

I hear an awful lot about how much people love using Google’s browser, Chrome. I have many friends and fellow web developers who swear by it, but honestly I can’t understand why. Recently I gave it a fair shot. I downloaded it for my MacBook running Mac OS X Lion and used it as my … more »

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Family Mausoleum is out!

I am very excited to announce that my first new album in almost three years is now out! “Family Mausoleum” contains all new songs which, as the album’s name implies, are for the most part a bit on the darker side. To have a free listen, please visit the Music page. You can find it … more »

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