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Multiple jQuery Animations

As I was working on a website I am developing for a friend of mine, I realized I had a problem with multiple jQuery animations slowing the browser down. This statement by itself may seem like a no-brainer, but it is not as obvious as you may think. The thing is that these animations were … more »

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Redesign of

For the first time in over two years, is about to be completely redesigned from the ground up. I have taken advantage of advances in browser and web technology which have occurred in the meantime to bring together a site which I find to be quick slick. I have taken full advantage of such … more »

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Trying to find the right WordPress theme

After an extended absence from my other blog, History Rhymes, I figured one of the best ways of showing my comeback was to find a new theme for it. Like this blog, History Rhymes is powered by WordPress which means the quickest and most convenient way to redesign the website is simply to find a … more »

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