Progress on ScratchPad 2.0

8 November 2014

I have not reported the status of ScratchPad 2.0 in quite some time. For that I apologize, but work on it is coming along and is slowly reaching a point where testing is possible. The new version has many new improvements, is more stable and uses more up-to-date technologies from Apple. It is also 100% Yosemite compatible and also supports Retina displays. Here is a teaser screenshot:

ScratchPad 2.0

ScratchPad 2.0

The interface may still change slightly, but that is more or less what it will look like. There are a number of new features — a couple of which can be deduced from the screenshot above, but I will wait to elaborate on those until I know exactly what will make it into the first version and what will have to wait until a future update.

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  1. Rafael Montserrat
    9 November 2014 5:49 am  link

    Hello Alex,

    Thanks for the update on ScratchPad 2.0.

    I have ScratchPad 1.4 and I’ve used it for years. A month or so ago all my ScratchPad notes disappeared, about 4000, and I can’t find them. They’ve disappeared.

    In addition, the program isn’t working for me the way it used to. I will make one note, then go on to the next note, and when I return to the previous one, it’s gone. Do you have any idea what causes this and what I can do to make it work. I don’t know what I was doing when it happened.



  2. 5 December 2015 7:41 pm  link

    Rafael – I can’t answer about the technical problem with the app (I’m just a reader of this post), but unless the notes have been completely wiped out, you may find them as .rtfd files here:
    User [name] > Library > Application Support > ScratchPad > Notes

    The nice thing about notes being stored as .rtfd is that you can open them with TextEdit. If I get a new note taking app I make sure that it saves them automatically as .rtfd. I just lost the use of my beloved Clippings app for no apparent reason but was able to retrieve all the notes as they too were saved in .rtfd, though packaged in a proprietory file. Just rightclick on file and open package gives access. If Scratchpad2 will be the same as Clippings, I will be happy to pay.

  3. Brian Greenstone
    8 July 2020 4:09 am  link

    Been using ScratchPad for more years than I can remember. What ever happened to 2.0? Did it ever get released, or was it abandoned?

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