ScratchPad 1.4.1 Released

5 June 2016
ScratchPad 1.4.1

ScratchPad 1.4.1

Today I’m happy to announce the first new release of ScratchPad in four years. It is a very small update that gets rid of the old pre-Yosemite style buttons and replaces them with modern OS X elements (see the screenshot). It also adds support for Retina displays. This should ensure that ScratchPad continues to look up-to-date even if Apple changes its UI again.

You can update by either clicking “Check for Updates” in the “ScratchPad” menu in the menubar or by downloading the new version directly.

Version 1.4.1 is just an interim release until ScratchPad 2.0 is finished. It is still under development and I work on it when I can, but it is difficult to find the time with all of the other projects I also have going on at the moment.

You can find more information about the application on ScratchPad’s website as well as the source code on GitHub.

If you would like to leave feedback or report a bug, please contact me.

Release Notes

  • [Updated] Updated back & forward buttons to use OS X’s native buttons.
  • [Updated] Added Retina-compatible icons.
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  1. Sugar Moose
    8 June 2016 5:40 am  link

    Very nice to see an update to this very useful app.
    The only problem I’ve been having is pasting in text from other sources always messes up the styles (background color, size, etc.). I know there’s a “Paste and Match Style” option, but is there any way to make this default? Or better yet, add a plain-text option?

    • Alex
      9 June 2016 12:00 pm  link

      Thank you for your comment! I’m glad you find the app useful!

      Unfortunately, this is normal behavior in the standard OS X rich text editor provided by Apple which is what ScratchPad uses. ScratchPad 2.0 will, however, include a plain text mode. I will also see if I can include an option that turns this behavior off, so that pasting content will automatically match the style of the content already in the editor.

      I hope that answered your question! Thanks again for your feedback!

  2. jeremy
    3 November 2016 4:22 pm  link

    This app is simple, elegant, and efficient. I use it as my “go to” app for quick notes, lists, and items I need at my fingertips. Consequently, on a rebuild of user accounts on my laptop, I was mildly alarmed when I lost initial access to all my notes. Alex — if not inconvenient, could you offer guidance on where a scratchpad data file would be locally stored, to enable to rebuilding notes (no files were deleted, so data files are still intact on my HD). Thank you in advance for your guidance, and thank you again for a terrific app.

    • Alex
      6 November 2016 12:35 pm  link

      Hi Jeremy,
      If you haven’t deleted any files, then it’s easy to access and move your notes from your old account.

      1. Go to the Finder, click on the Go menu in the menu bar, then click on “Go to Folder…”. Copy and paste the following folder into the text box and click Go: /Users

      2. Once you have done that you can see all of the accounts on your Mac, new and old. Double click on your old account, then open the “Go to Folder” window again and paste the following in: Library/Application Support/ScratchPad . Now you can see all of your notes and preferences from your old account.

      3. If you want to copy your old notes to your new account, open a new Finder window, open the “Go to Folder” window again and paste the following in: ~/Library/Application Support/ScratchPad . Notice the “~/” at the beginning. That means your new account.

      4. Quit ScratchPad if it is running, then select everything in the first window from your old account, copy it and paste it in the second window with your new account. Now when you start ScratchPad, all of your old notes and preferences should be restored in your new account.

      Just a warning though: this method will overwrite any new notes you’ve created in your new account….

      I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions!


  3. 26 September 2017 4:45 am  link

    Glad Scratch Pad continues. Any way to retrieve missing notes post update?


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