Alex Seifert

Alex is a developer, a drummer and an amateur historian. He enjoys being on the stage in front of a large crowd, but also sitting in a room alone, programming something or writing about history.


2023 Relaunch of Developer’s Notebook

Today, I am happy to announce that Developer’s Notebook is being relaunched with lots of exciting stuff on the way!

27 May 2023

Vue.js: Route-Level Code Splitting with a Page Loader

Vue.js makes it easy to implement router-level code splitting. Page loaders are a great way to indicate that your application is loading.

10 May 2023

Reducing the Number of WordPress Plugins

One of WordPress’s greatest strengths is its positively huge plugin ecosystem. There are plugins for just about everything you can think of out there. At the same time, however, it is also its Achilles’ heel.

2 May 2023

It’s Amazing How Little Work Developers Are Allowed to Get Done

Having been employed as a developer in one form or another for the past couple of decades, I can thoroughly relate to what this blogger has written about how little work actually gets done and why.

18 April 2023

PHP Is Dead: Graphic

PHP is dead… or is it?

11 April 2023

Switching Between Platform: Windows and Mac

Some programmers stick to a single operating system or technology stack, but I like to experiment and try new things out. That means, however, that I often jump back and forth between platforms: particularly between Windows and Mac.

6 April 2023

My Daily Journaling Habit

Ten years ago today, I wrote my very first journal entry. Little did I know at the time that it would become a daily habit that I still practice today.

12 February 2023

My Favorite Books from 2022

As an avid reader, I am always eager to share a good book once I’m finished with it. In 2022, I enjoyed several good ones, but these are the books that stood out from the pack.

9 January 2023

New Designs

It’s been a number of years since I last updated my website and blog, so it was past time that I do major rewrite. I re-conceptualized both websites so that they support both light and dark modes, feel more modern and are more enjoyable to use.

7 January 2023

The Old West

I’m excited to announce a new project called The Old West and, as the name suggests, it is about the old west in the United States.

19 April 2021

Numb by Kyle Seifert

I’m happy to announce that my brother, Kyle Seifert, has published his first novel called Numb, a sinister crime novel about a serial killer.

17 March 2021

BookJournal 1.1.0 Released

I am happy to announce version 1.1.0 of BookJournal has been released! The program is free and available for Windows, macOS and Linux.

31 January 2021
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