ScratchPad 1.4

Good news! I know it’s been ages since I’ve released an update for ScratchPad and I do apologize for it. I’ve finally gotten some time though now and I’ve just about got a new version ready for release. That would be version 1.4. I plan to have it finished by this weekend as almost all of the updates and changes have already been implemented. More testing needs to be done before release though. Some of the features you can expect in the new version:

  • Support for Dropbox sync
  • 64-bit (to follow the general trend of OS X applications)
  • Sandboxed for better security and in preparation for a potential release in the Mac App Store
  • Developer signature for Mountain Lion
  • Change “Go to Page Number” window into a HUD window
  • Updated back & forward buttons to fit with Lion
  • New icon
  • Code optimizations
  • Updated code base (get rid of some of the warnings & depreciated code)

Those are the most prominent new features. There are a few smaller things that I’m going to see about sneaking in there though. Because of some of the updates here, the system requirements will change to require Leopard (OS X 10.6) or greater. The website should get an update as well in the coming weeks.

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