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27 April 2012
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The hard drive in my four year old MacBook has finally died after a struggle for life that lasted a couple of weeks. Since then I have been forced into using a borrowed PC with Windows 7 on it and ever since, I have been pulling the hair out of my head. I managed to install Cygwin which has helped ease my pains to some degree since it gives me access to a Unix-like terminal with some familiar commands. The biggest issue, however, has been trying to connect to the servers at work.

Our servers run Linux and require a SSL tunnel to access. I have not been able to find a way to connect to them in Windows that works. I’ve tried a couple of things including OpenSSL and stunnel, but have not yet managed to successfully connect. It is very frustrating and has cost me a lot of time.

I ordered a 1TB hard drive for my MacBook on Wednesday from Amazon and chose to have expedited shipping (shipping within 1 business day) so I would get it today. But, as usual, the postal system in the UK is unreliable. They managed to send it to the wrong depot at the wrong end of the country and as a result my shipment is now delayed. I probably won’t get it until tomorrow. I am quite upset about that because I could have chosen the next cheaper option (for £3 less) and it would have arrived tomorrow. I’m going to give the Home Delivery Network a ring and let them hear about it.

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